May 19th, 2020


    • Knowing the difference between right and wrong; doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

      Golf is a game of etiquette (manners) and composure (keeping your cool). PLayers are responsible for their actions on the golf course even at times when others may not be looking.

* have YOU been using integrity at home during the current times?

* How CAN YOU USE integrity on the golf course?

* How have you showed integrity at school?


Par Level Rules & Etiquette Challenge


Rules of Golf Explained:
NEw procedure for dropping a ball



Credit – Yoga for Adriene –


Cosmic Kids Yoga
May 12th, 2020

Three tips for having fun

    • learning can be fun, whether it’s about golf or a new subject at school. here are three tips you can use to get more fun out of learning.

    • BE PATIENT – Stay calm while you wait and give yourself lots of chances to succeed.
    • BE POSITIVE – Enjoy what you are doing regardless of the outcome.
    • ASK FOR HELP – You can learn from others when you ask them to give you a hand.

* have YOU been patient and positive at home during the current times?

* How CAN YOU USE the three tips for having fun on the golf course?

* How have you asked for help at school?



Player Level Rules & Etiquette Challenge



Rules of Golf Explained:
Ball Moved During Search


Titleist Tips: Use Household Items to Control Your Club Face

May 5th, 2020


  • TO MAKE a decision or form an opinion

* How have YOU showed JUDGMENT at home during the current times?

* How CAN YOU USE JUDGMENT on the golf course?

* How have you USED JUDGMENT at school?


Rules of Golf Explained:
Abnormal Course Conditions

Coach Brendan’s Video: Judgment & Exercise


Shaking hands is a show of Respect, whether you are on or off the golf course. The first thing you do when you meet someone new is say hello, look them in the eye and give a firm handshake. However, in these crazy times we are currently living in, shaking hands is not safe anymore.

As we plan and hope for a positive and healthy future, we are thinking about how we can continue to “shake hands” and show Respect for each other without physically shaking hands. So, we are issuing a HANDSHAKE CHALLENGE where we are asking participants to come up with alternatives to shaking hands.

The rules are simple:

1. You must come up with an original way to substitute shaking hands.

2. Record a video of yourself showing your “handshake” and explain why you feel this “handshake” is safe, a good replacement for shaking hands and what Respect means to you.

3. Submit your videos Friday, May 22nd at 5:00 pm

4. We will then post up to 5 choices on our Facebook page and ask our chapter families to vote on their favorite! 

The winning “handshake” will be our new way to shake hands across our chapter and the winner will receive a prize!! 

Thank you for being loyal First Tee families, stay safe and have fun! We can’t wait to see your submissions!!


April 28th, 2020


  • It’s up to me; i am the one myself and others depend on to make it happen


* How have YOU showed RESPONSIBILITY at home during the current times?

* How CAN YOU SHOW responsibility on the golf course?

* How have you showed responsibility at school?

We have a worksheet for students to work on this week. Click Link below:

Golf Club


Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease
by Centers for disease control and prevention

This article was shared by Craig Springer, PhD of Good Life Center for mental health, Cranford, NJ.


Martin Hall teaches Blair O’Neal how using a wall can improve your golf swing. Everyone has a wall in their house they can use. You can even do this without a club and work on your stance being set-up to the wall!

Avengers Fitness Warm up


yoga for kids!


Responsibility with kid president

April 21st, 2020


  • being or acting polite to others

*Staying still and quiet while others are playing

* How have showed courtesy at home?


* How have you showed courtesy at school?

We have a Player Level Crossword using the Core Values and an Advanced Word Search for students to work on this week. Click Links below:

Player Level Crossword    &   Player Word Search Advanced


How to Talk to Your Anxious Child or Teen About Coronavirus
by Richa Bhatia, MD, FAPA

This article was shared by Craig Springer, PhD of Good Life Center for mental health, Cranford, NJ.


Mark Your Golf Ball to Hole More Putts

On the greens, aiming properly is only half the battle when it comes to making putts. The putter face also needs to be square at impact in order to get the ball rolling on your intended line. In this tip, Titleist Staff Member Michael Breed shows how drawing a line on your golf ball that is perpendicular to the side stamp will help you to do just that.



Proper etiquette

April 14th, 2020

STaying cool

  • A player shows staying cool in his/her actions by:

*Having good golf etiquette even when in a frustrating situation

*Taking a practice swing and holding a balanced finish to either remember shots you like or delete shots you don’t

staying cool


    Think about what you did and what you wanted to do. Did they match? If they do, then take. Second to enjoy what you did well and store it in your memory. If they don’t, then go through the second, third and fourth Rs.



    Take a deep breathe, with a slow exhale



    Think about what you will do differently next time


  • REDO

    Imagine yourself doing it better. You can also take a physical practice swing or stroke that matches what you imagine





* How have the 4rs helped you improve your golf game?

* How CAN YOU STAY COOL USING THE 4Rs during our current times?

* How have you used the 4rs at school?


Coach Rich has been with First Tee Raritan Valley for over 8 years as a coach at Tara Greens Golf Center. Check our his video using the 4 Rs to work on his golf swing in his backyard!


April 7th, 2020


  • To be nice and kind in one’s actions

In golf, it is important to show respect for myself, the people I play with and the golf course.

First Tee Code of Conduct

  • Respect for MYSELF

  • Respect for OTHERS

  • Respect for MY SURROUNDINGS 


* What does RESPECT mean to you?

* How have you showed RESPECT at home during our current times?

* How have you shown respect at school?



Putting &
target awareness
with Coach krissy 

Set up:
You need eight golf clubs (preferably irons). Set them up in a square as shown.You must putt ball between the irons. You have to land the ball in each box or else you will have no chance to put through the next two irons.
– Coach Krissy


Golf fitness 

Work on your game indoors with Simply The Bex’s Golf Fitness Workout! This quick routine focuses on core and leg strength and finishes off with some golf specific stretching. This workout can be performed with no equipment at all and is 100% beginner friendly.

Credit – Simply The Bex –


This workout consists of a 5 minute warm-up, a 10 minute main, and then 5 minutes flexibility work to finish. The main session consists of 10 exercises, each performed for 45 seconds on with 15 seconds recovery.

The exercises included are listed below:

1. Squat

2. Elbow to knee abs

3. Lunge on R leg with twist

4. Russian twist

5. Lunge on L leg with twist

6. Bird dog (R arm out)

7. Suitcase pick up

8. Bird dog (L arm out)

9. Side to side squat

10. Plank hold



March 31st, 2020


  • To keep going no matter what

To play well in golf, golfers must keep going through tough breaks and their own mistakes. It’s important to learn from past actions.


* What does perseverance mean to you?

* How have you showed perseverance at home during our current situation?

* How have you shown perseverance at school?


Here is a great example of PERSEVERANCE shared by Coach Dana. Click the link below to hear Max Homa, PGA Tour Professional talking about how he just kept pushing and finally broke through to win the Wells Fargo Championship in 2019.



Yoga for Golfers 

You may not associate yoga with improving your golf game, but you should. Practicing the right yoga will both optimize and maximize your performance on and off the golf course. Yoga can increase flexibility, stability, and mobility and improve strength, endurance, balance, and focus. In addition to all of the wonderful physical attributes Yoga provides, it forces you to slow down, breath deep, push yourself through the new and unknown and focus on yourself from the inside out. In this trying time, we need to lean on each other and stick together, so grab your family or video chat with your friends and ENJOY!!

Click the video below to practice some yoga today!

Credit – Yoga for Adriene ––wKNXo